Looking for a New Mechanic? Here Are Three Must-Ask Questions


When looking for a new mechanic, it is advisable to start with car servicing rather than repairs. The reason is that servicing car parts is a safer way of finding out whether a mechanic understands their craft. Taking your time to find the right mechanic is crucial for cost reasons and your car's overall performance. However, you need to ask the right questions to find the right mechanic. This article highlights essential questions to ask a mechanic before hiring their services.

20 September 2021

What a Transmission Fluid Change Is And Why It's Absolutely Essential


Your car's engine and transmission system are each designed to perform different functions. As the engine generates the power required to move the vehicle, the transmission transfers that power to your wheels, allowing you to go wherever you want to go. That said, the two mechanical components share some similarities. One of the most common is that they're made up of several moving parts that require proper lubrication to run smoothly.

21 July 2021

3 Useful Car Service Tips to Help Pass Your Roadworthy Inspections


One way to care for your car is by getting it inspected regularly. Car inspections confirm that your car is in proper shape, ensuring you don't risk your life and other road users. A vehicle examination is also necessary if you have been involved in a major accident or your car has been in use for many years.  If your vehicle fails a roadworthy inspection, you won't be able to renew your registration or even drive your car around town.

15 June 2021

4 Impossible-to-Ignore Signs that Your Truck Needs Repairs


Trucks are an invaluable asset to any business that needs to have equipment and supplies transported from one place to another. However, if they are to give you the best value for your money, you have to check and maintain them regularly. For instance, your truck's suspension system is crucial to the whole vehicle's operation, primarily because of the heavy loads it carries.  When the system starts to fail, the vehicle will exhibit specific signs.

3 May 2021

All You Need To Know About Car Service Courtesy Cars


Car service courtesy cars are vehicles provided by repair shops to help customers run their daily errands as they await the mechanical repairs. Below is a comprehensive guide on courtesy cars.  Who Qualifies For A Courtesy Car? Most repair shops will give courtesy cars to their regular customers or those who are part of their premium plans. It ensures brand loyalty and improves customer satisfaction. If you have a comprehensive car insurance cover, your policy could entitle you to a courtesy car.

10 February 2021

Benefits of Hiring Onsite Truck Repairs for a Logistics Business


Running a successful logistics business requires a substantial investment in fleet, servicing, and maintenance. Notably, it is easy to repair a truck that has broken down near your depot. However, the same cannot be said for breakdowns that occur while in transit. Not only are such repairs challenging to address with standard repair services, but they can also delay deliveries and affect the reputation of your company. Therefore, you must work closely with onsite truck repair services because your logistics company stands to gain a lot.

22 December 2020

How Do Insurance Companies Decide Whether Your Car Can Be Repaired, and Do You Have Options?


If you've been unfortunate enough to be involved in a recent car crash, you may be waiting to hear what happens next. You are dealing with the insurance company, of course, and they have sent an assessor to determine the extent of the damage. As you may know, it will be up to this expert to advise their head office who will, in turn, let you know if the car is repairable or not.

6 October 2020

3 Signs Your Car Radiator Has a Problem


Your car's radiator regulates the temperature in your engine. While this system works fine most of the time, you'll run into trouble if your radiator develops a problem or fails. You should get some signs when this happens. What are they? 1. Your Engine Overheats The most obvious sign of a radiator problem is overheating in your engine. If this happens, the temperature gauge on your dashboard should show you that things are running hot.

18 August 2020

Two Typical Reasons Why Your Auto Electric System Will Need Servicing


One of the most intricate systems in your vehicle is the auto electric system. And as if older cars were not outfitted with a complicated enough electric system, new-age vehicles that rely on internal combustion are characterised by their detailed electrics. The more wires and extensive cabling in place, the higher the likelihood that neglect will lead to multiple issues with the electric system. While some minor problems can be easily fixed, such as using jumper cables to start your vehicle, others will need professional attention if you are to keep driving your vehicle and keep safe while at it.

15 June 2020

Additional Motives To Stick To Routine Car Servicing


Car servicing is considered by some motorists to be an unnecessary expense. Although they know that their vehicle needs it, it is not surprising to find some people assuming that choosing to fix their car when it has developed an issue will be cheaper than taking it in for a service. The reality is that ignoring car servicing will be detrimental to your vehicle since any potential problems would not be diagnosed in time but instead will become exacerbated.

25 October 2019