Auto Service: Why You Need to Maintain Your Car

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ken. One day, I was driving home from work when the engine in my car failed. While I waited for the recovery truck to arrive, I realised I didn’t have a clue what went on underneath the bonnet of my car. I signed up for an auto service course at my local community college, so I could gain the skills I needed to properly maintain my car and repair it if something when wrong while I was on the road. I wanted to start a blog to pass on these skills to other people so that they can look after their automobiles.

All You Need To Know About Car Service Courtesy Cars


Car service courtesy cars are vehicles provided by repair shops to help customers run their daily errands as they await the mechanical repairs. Below is a comprehensive guide on courtesy cars. 

Who Qualifies For A Courtesy Car?

Most repair shops will give courtesy cars to their regular customers or those who are part of their premium plans. It ensures brand loyalty and improves customer satisfaction. If you have a comprehensive car insurance cover, your policy could entitle you to a courtesy car. As such, talk with your insurance agent to know whether you qualify for the service.  

Choosing A Courtesy Car

Insurance companies and garages have different classifications of courtesy cars. Depending on your coverage, you could get anything from a three-door car to a crossover. Below are some other considerations to make when choosing a courtesy car: 

  • Assess the car model. Conduct some research to ensure that the vehicle is reliable.
  • Is the vehicle ideal for your daily routine? For instance, you will need a vehicle with adequate ground clearance if you travel through rough terrain. Sufficient legroom is an essential feature if you will carry friends and family.
  • Examine the current condition of the car. Its engine and transmission should be fully functional. Additionally, examine the electronics and braking.
  • If the vehicle is not similar to your vehicle, ask the mechanics to acquaint you with its operation. For instance, you may need some orientation if you have not driven an electric car in the past. 

The Terms Of Using Courtesy Cars

Consult your insurance company and garage to understand the terms of using the courtesy car. More often than not, your insurance policy covers the courtesy car. Alternatively, the vehicle could have an independent insurance cover. Most garages will allow you to stay will the courtesy car until they repair your vehicle. However, they could terminate the service if you intentionally delay the repair process. For instance, take a case where you do not pay for repairs on time. 

Inquire whether there are limitations on where you can use the courtesy car. For instance, some garages could restrict you from crossing state or country borders. Check the liability policy of the garage. For example, who will pay for mechanical repairs? While most garages will service and maintain the courtesy car, they will ask you to pay for repairs if you intentionally damage the vehicle. For example, take a case where you decided to drive the vehicle without coolant. 

Courtesy cars allow you to continue with your daily routine while your vehicle is at the garage. If you want a courtesy car, check the eligibility criteria, choose an appropriate vehicle and check the terms of use.  

To learn more about car service courtesy cars, contact a local auto service.


10 February 2021