Auto Service: Why You Need to Maintain Your Car

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ken. One day, I was driving home from work when the engine in my car failed. While I waited for the recovery truck to arrive, I realised I didn’t have a clue what went on underneath the bonnet of my car. I signed up for an auto service course at my local community college, so I could gain the skills I needed to properly maintain my car and repair it if something when wrong while I was on the road. I wanted to start a blog to pass on these skills to other people so that they can look after their automobiles.

3 Useful Car Service Tips to Help Pass Your Roadworthy Inspections


One way to care for your car is by getting it inspected regularly. Car inspections confirm that your car is in proper shape, ensuring you don't risk your life and other road users. A vehicle examination is also necessary if you have been involved in a major accident or your car has been in use for many years. 

If your vehicle fails a roadworthy inspection, you won't be able to renew your registration or even drive your car around town. For this reason, it is vital to adequately prepare for the roadworthy inspection to ensure you get the proper documentation. Below are three car service tips to prepare for your auto-vehicle inspection.

1. Checking the Tyres

One of the primary components that the inspectors check is the condition of the tyres. So, if your tyres are not in good shape, you will likely fail the inspection. Usually, the assessors check the amount of tread that are on each tyre. Each tyre must have a thick tread, and the tread pattern also needs to be even across the footprint to pass the inspection. The experts also check for any bulges and worn treads. Therefore, ensure the vehicle tyres are in proper condition before heading for the inspection. If they are not, then it is best to replace them first. 

2. Examining the Windshield

When it comes to the windshield, any fault can work against you in the inspection. So, you should ensure the windshield has no defects before your vehicle assessment. You can start by cleaning the glass to check for any signs of cracks. If the windshield has experienced any damage, then you will need to replace it. The good news is that most insurers cover windshield replacement. Confirm whether your insurance policy covers windshield replacement when choosing your cover.

3. Evaluating the Vehicle Lights

Another critical aspect included in roadworthy inspections is the vehicle lights. That is because lights are vital in ensuring your safety on the road. An experienced auto service expert will ensure that every light, from the headlights to the brake lights, works perfectly. If the lights are working okay but seem a bit dull, you can make them shine by scrubbing off any dirt. 

Passing a roadworthy inspection will ensure you get the proper registration for your car. That way, you won't face issues with the authorities if you are asked to produce these documents. Roadworthy inspections also ensure that your car is safe to drive and reduce the risk of accidents. Reach out to a car service to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. 


15 June 2021