Staying on top of Your Drive Axle: 4 Signs That your Axle Needs Repair


If you frequently drive your truck for long hours, the axle plays an important role in ensuring that you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. In fact, if you notice that your truck is difficult to manoeuvre or it feels bumpier than usual, this could point to an issue with your axle. The drive axle is the piece of your truck that connects to your two front wheels. In some truck models, it also connects to the transmission system.

10 November 2018

How to Ensure That Your School Bus Goes the Distance


If you are in charge of managing a small, independent school, then you may also need to oversee some vehicle maintenance. You may have a couple of cars or trucks on site to help with maintenance or employee transportation, but you may also have a bus to help you take students to sporting games or cultural activities off campus. As these vehicles may rack up a large number of kilometres in any given year, how do you make sure that you keep up with maintenance and avoid any costly downtime?

10 September 2018

Why a Whining Noise Could Indicate Power Steering Issues


Have you ever driven a car without power assisted steering (PAS)? If so, you may wonder how people used to manage in the old days, when none of these vehicles had such a magical device. It's true, driving today is quite easy and in many respects is almost automatic, but you can still get a sharp wake-up call if one of these components starts to go wrong. If you can hear something unusual whenever you turn the steering wheel, could power steering issues be in your future?

29 June 2018

How to control the emissions released by your vehicle


If you are environmentally conscious, you're probably aware of the hazardous effects of vehicle emissions. Cars that release a lot of smoke from the exhaust pipe typically increase the concentration of pollutants such as hydrocarbons in the air. These gases contain a mixture of solid and gas particles that become suspended in the air and reduce the quality of breathable air. Indeed, vehicle emissions have been shown to result in smog in the atmosphere.

27 April 2018

Logbook Service: Everything You Need to Know


If you have recently purchased a new car, it is highly likely that it will be covered by a warranty. The warranty ensures that if anything breaks or goes wrong with the vehicle within a set period after purchase, the manufacturer will repair it for free. However, in order to keep the warranty valid, there are certain things which you need to do. One of these things is to have the car serviced at certain intervals which are listed in the logbook.

20 March 2018

4 Signs Your Car Is Courting Power Steering Failure


The power steering system uses hydraulic pressure to make turning the wheel to control the car much easier. Before it came along, steering took a lot of energy just to make a small turn, particularly at low speeds. Hydraulics is about compressing liquid to create greater force enough to steer a vehicle, and a majority of problems begin when air makes its way into the system – pneumatics and hydraulics do not play well together.

9 February 2018

Why You Should Listen to Your Vehicle's Differential


Some people think that the invention of the internal combustion engine was the single biggest breakthrough in motorised transportation. However, while this masterpiece provided the means to power a machine, no vehicle would be able to move without an even more impressive invention: the differential. This complicated device enables the two (or four) driving wheels to act independently of each other so that forward progress can be maintained and it comes under a lot of pressure in ordinary use.

16 January 2018

3 Considerations When You Buy Used Japanese Truck Parts Online


Buying anything site unseen can be a risky option. One thing you can do to lower that risk is to keep certain things in mind regarding what to look for. This is especially true when you are buying Japanese truck parts. You need to make sure that you are getting not only the part that you need, but that the part is of high quality and genuine. If you are in the market for used Japanese truck parts, and you are buying online, here are a few things to consider.

3 January 2018