Two Typical Reasons Why Your Auto Electric System Will Need Servicing


One of the most intricate systems in your vehicle is the auto electric system. And as if older cars were not outfitted with a complicated enough electric system, new-age vehicles that rely on internal combustion are characterised by their detailed electrics. The more wires and extensive cabling in place, the higher the likelihood that neglect will lead to multiple issues with the electric system. While some minor problems can be easily fixed, such as using jumper cables to start your vehicle, others will need professional attention if you are to keep driving your vehicle and keep safe while at it.

15 June 2020

Additional Motives To Stick To Routine Car Servicing


Car servicing is considered by some motorists to be an unnecessary expense. Although they know that their vehicle needs it, it is not surprising to find some people assuming that choosing to fix their car when it has developed an issue will be cheaper than taking it in for a service. The reality is that ignoring car servicing will be detrimental to your vehicle since any potential problems would not be diagnosed in time but instead will become exacerbated.

25 October 2019

3 Signs Your Car Needs Auto Electrical Repairs


For those not overly familiar with the machinery inside of your car, it can be tricky to know when something is wrong and what to do about it. When big-ticket items go wrong they will be immediately obvious, like the engine or brakes, but what about when, say, the light doesn't want to turn on? Or if the radio is acting weird. Do you go to a mechanic then? For those not interested in cars this can be a tricky situation to navigate.

30 August 2019

3 Common Reasons Your Car Engine May Not Run at Optimum Temperatures


Is your car engine running too hot or too cold? This is an obvious sign that something is wrong with your engine's cooling system. Just like the cooling system comprises many different components, there are many possible reasons your engine may not work at the optimum temperatures. Continue reading on below to discover some of the most common culprits behind abnormal engine temperatures.  1. Low Coolant Level As the name implies, coolant is the vital fluid introduced to the radiator and cooling system to help cool your car engine.

3 May 2019

4 Reasons a Rusty Car Radiator Demands Professional Attention


Modern car radiators aren't as susceptible to rusting as those in older models, but it can still happen. You might think a little rust can be ignored, but you're better off having the vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Here are just four reasons why a rusty radiator demands professional attention. 1. Poor Structural Integrity A little bit of rust might not seem like much to worry about, but rust spreads.

20 January 2019

Staying on top of Your Drive Axle: 4 Signs That your Axle Needs Repair


If you frequently drive your truck for long hours, the axle plays an important role in ensuring that you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. In fact, if you notice that your truck is difficult to manoeuvre or it feels bumpier than usual, this could point to an issue with your axle. The drive axle is the piece of your truck that connects to your two front wheels. In some truck models, it also connects to the transmission system.

10 November 2018

How to Ensure That Your School Bus Goes the Distance


If you are in charge of managing a small, independent school, then you may also need to oversee some vehicle maintenance. You may have a couple of cars or trucks on site to help with maintenance or employee transportation, but you may also have a bus to help you take students to sporting games or cultural activities off campus. As these vehicles may rack up a large number of kilometres in any given year, how do you make sure that you keep up with maintenance and avoid any costly downtime?

10 September 2018