Windscreen Replacement: The Types You Could Consider


Despite popular consensus, your car's windscreen does not simply function to protect you from the elements when you are driving. Depending on the type of glass you choose, you can also get additional benefits such as thermal protection, ultraviolet resistance and more. In addition to this, your windscreen does not have to be made from clear glass. There is an assortment of customized options that would be able to enhance the overall efficiency your vehicle.

15 May 2017

4 Signs That Your Diff Needs Some Repairs


Some car owners fail to realise that they need to repair the differentials of their vehicles until the transmission fails completely. High repair costs often characterise any repairs that are performed when a car breaks down due to a faulty differential. This article discusses some of the early warning signs that should prompt you to have your car's differential serviced or repaired before it sustains serious damage. Contaminated Oil Your vehicle's diff contains a special kind of oil that is supposed to prevent the gears in that component from grinding directly against each other.

9 May 2017

Safety Tips for Using Hydraulic Jacks During Home Car Repairs


If you're using a hydraulic jack to lift your car up so you can do a repair, you need to exercise caution. Wondering what tips can keep you safe? Take a look at these tips. 1. Use the Right Size Jack Safety starts with choosing the correct size of jack. Make sure that the jack is designed to work with your model of vehicle and to accommodate your vehicle's weight. If you plan to climb under the car or even just reach your hands under a tyre to change it, the wrong jack could drop the car, crushing your body or your hand.

28 April 2017

Your Transmission Pump Is Failing: The Symptoms You Should Look Out For


Have you ever wondered how your car goes from a roaring engine at a standstill to a speeding monster on the highway? Well, the transmission is responsible for all this magic. It comprises a gearbox for transmitting power from the engine to the rotating axles. The axles then initiate movement of the wheels depending on how much power the gearbox is drawing from the engine. This can only be done well if there is sufficient transmission oil circulating in the system.

21 April 2017

Car Servicing: Issues Typically Caused By Wheel Misalignment


Hitting the occasional pothole when driving may not be a big deal to some motorists. However, this minor mishap on the roads can eventually become a big problem for your vehicle. The reason for this is the constant high impact when driving over these potholes will eventually lead to the misalignment of your wheels. What some people do not realise is that the worse this misalignment becomes, the higher the risk of your vehicle succumbing to a myriad of auto problems.

12 April 2017

How to Improve the Performance of Your Vehicle's Diesel Engine


A diesel engine is typically known for being very strong and very fuel-efficient, as diesel engines convert heat to energy so that they run on more than just fuel alone. However, you may want to improve the performance of your diesel engine if you're towing heavier loads or need more pickup when you accelerate. Note a few ways you can improve the engine's performance without having to actually swap it out for something larger and more powerful overall.

5 April 2017

Truck Repairs: Glaring Symptoms of Fuel Filter Problems


As the name implies, the fuel filter is the component in your vehicle that functions to ensure that there are no impurities passed on from your fuel to the fuel injectors. When your fuel filter is functioning at optimum, you can rest assured that your engine is receiving pure fuel, keeping it free from any foreign contaminants that could impede on its performance. Nevertheless, just as other vehicle components, your fuel filter is susceptible to problems, which could result into an assortment of issues with your vehicle.

21 March 2017