How Do Insurance Companies Decide Whether Your Car Can Be Repaired, and Do You Have Options?


If you've been unfortunate enough to be involved in a recent car crash, you may be waiting to hear what happens next. You are dealing with the insurance company, of course, and they have sent an assessor to determine the extent of the damage. As you may know, it will be up to this expert to advise their head office who will, in turn, let you know if the car is repairable or not.

6 October 2020

3 Signs Your Car Radiator Has a Problem


Your car's radiator regulates the temperature in your engine. While this system works fine most of the time, you'll run into trouble if your radiator develops a problem or fails. You should get some signs when this happens. What are they? 1. Your Engine Overheats The most obvious sign of a radiator problem is overheating in your engine. If this happens, the temperature gauge on your dashboard should show you that things are running hot.

18 August 2020

Two Typical Reasons Why Your Auto Electric System Will Need Servicing


One of the most intricate systems in your vehicle is the auto electric system. And as if older cars were not outfitted with a complicated enough electric system, new-age vehicles that rely on internal combustion are characterised by their detailed electrics. The more wires and extensive cabling in place, the higher the likelihood that neglect will lead to multiple issues with the electric system. While some minor problems can be easily fixed, such as using jumper cables to start your vehicle, others will need professional attention if you are to keep driving your vehicle and keep safe while at it.

15 June 2020