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What Are Some of the Most Common Issues with Trailer Leaf Springs?


If you own a trailer, then you know the importance of leaf springs. These are the components that provide support and stability to the trailer when it's in motion. Unfortunately, several issues could arise that can cause problems for your vehicle. So, what are some of the more common issues that can arise, and what should you do if you encounter them?

Uneven Wear

One of the most common problems with trailer leaf springs is uneven wear. This is often caused by an issue with the suspension system itself or by a problem such as an incorrect axle alignment or a loose wheel bearing. An uneven wear pattern on one side of the spring can lead to increased stress on the other side, which will eventually cause it to fail prematurely. It's important to inspect your leaf springs regularly for signs of uneven wear so that any necessary repairs can be made before it leads to further damage down the road.

Broken Leaf Springs

Occasionally, a leaf spring could break due to general wear and tear or because it wasn't properly secured in the first place. Broken leaf springs will not only reduce your vehicle's performance but can also pose a safety hazard if not replaced immediately. It's good practice to check your leaf springs routinely for signs of damage so that any broken parts can be quickly identified and repaired before they become a serious problem. In particular, watch for tiny cracks, especially around the end of the spring structure, where the suspension piece bolts to the trailer frame.


Finally, rust is another issue that could affect your springs over time. As metal is exposed to moisture, it will start to corrode and degrade, leading to weakened structural integrity. A certain amount of surface rust is to be expected at any time, but if you have significant accumulation, it's best to have them professionally cleaned before the damage becomes too great.

What to Do Next

It's essential to ensure that your trailer leaf springs are in good condition if you want to ensure safe operation at all times. To stand the best chance of spotting any issues before they become serious, ensure that you get your trailer serviced at regular intervals. During such a visit, a mechanic will look at the springs and the frame, brakes, wheel bearings and other important components. They'll take immediate action if they find anything untoward.

For more info about trailer repair, contact a local company. 


23 March 2023