Auto Service: Why You Need to Maintain Your Car

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ken. One day, I was driving home from work when the engine in my car failed. While I waited for the recovery truck to arrive, I realised I didn’t have a clue what went on underneath the bonnet of my car. I signed up for an auto service course at my local community college, so I could gain the skills I needed to properly maintain my car and repair it if something when wrong while I was on the road. I wanted to start a blog to pass on these skills to other people so that they can look after their automobiles.

Windscreen Replacement: The Types You Could Consider


Despite popular consensus, your car's windscreen does not simply function to protect you from the elements when you are driving. Depending on the type of glass you choose, you can also get additional benefits such as thermal protection, ultraviolet resistance and more. In addition to this, your windscreen does not have to be made from clear glass. There is an assortment of customized options that would be able to enhance the overall efficiency your vehicle. If you need windscreen replacement, the following are some of the different types that you could consider.

Tinted windscreens

Undoubtedly, this type of windscreen is one of the most commonly available options that you could consider. The tinted windscreens are manufactured with a coating that will darken depending on how bright the sun is. This tint is supposed to protect you and the interior of your vehicle from excessive exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, making them suitable for motorists living in predominantly hot climates.

Display windscreens

If you would like utmost concentration when you are driving, you may want to consider a display windscreen. Display windscreens are the latest technology in the market, and they function to allow the motorist to read digital information directly on their windscreen. Some of the digital information that can be displayed include your fuel gage, your speedometer, the ambient temperature, GPS coordinates and more. To do this, the windscreen designed with projection technology, which is how the information can appear clearly on the screen. These windscreens are also fitted with sensors that work to adjust the brightness of the display following the ambient light. For instance, if it is an overcast day, the display will be brighter so that you can easily read what is on the screen.

Thermal windscreens

If you live in an area that perpetually experiences inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain, ice and frost, then you may want to consider a thermal windscreen for your vehicle. The glass used to manufacture these windscreens is specially designed to conduct heat. These types of windscreens are fitted with a film that functions as a thermal screen. Miniscule wiring is then incorporated into the windscreen and connected to your vehicle's electrical system to allow the wires to emit heat that warms up the windscreen. As such, the windscreen is capable of defrosting any ice that collects on the glass. Additionally, thermal windscreens are capable of reducing the amount of condensation and fog that appears on the glass when the temperatures are significantly low. Thermal windscreens are particularly ideal for individuals who tend to park their vehicles outside.


15 May 2017