Auto Service: Why You Need to Maintain Your Car

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ken. One day, I was driving home from work when the engine in my car failed. While I waited for the recovery truck to arrive, I realised I didn’t have a clue what went on underneath the bonnet of my car. I signed up for an auto service course at my local community college, so I could gain the skills I needed to properly maintain my car and repair it if something when wrong while I was on the road. I wanted to start a blog to pass on these skills to other people so that they can look after their automobiles.

Truck Repairs: Glaring Symptoms of Fuel Filter Problems


As the name implies, the fuel filter is the component in your vehicle that functions to ensure that there are no impurities passed on from your fuel to the fuel injectors. When your fuel filter is functioning at optimum, you can rest assured that your engine is receiving pure fuel, keeping it free from any foreign contaminants that could impede on its performance. Nevertheless, just as other vehicle components, your fuel filter is susceptible to problems, which could result into an assortment of issues with your vehicle. Here are some of the symptoms that would manifest due to fuel filter problems.

Your engine has problems starting

If your fuel filter is exceptionally dirty, it could end up preventing your engine from starting up. You should bear in mind that the pressure of your fuel would not have the ability of overcoming a clogged filter Therefore, your fuel injectors may be working perfectly fine, but thy will be unable to transfer the fuel, as they will not be able to push through the blockages. Moreover, the fuel itself may become contaminated, which would make it more viscous than it should be. If you begin to experience problems with starting your vehicle or find that the engine is not starting at all, you may ant to have your fuel filter checked.

Your engine has problems during high-load

When you choose to overtake or when you are driving on an incline and fin that your engine begins to hesitate, it could be caused by a dirty fuel filter. These kinds of situations will require a sudden increase in power from your vehicle and the lack of response from your engine could pose a risk to you on the road. The reason this happens is when you are trying to accelerate, the engine will demand an increase in fuel. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will be unable to provide the amount of fuel your engine needs to do this. As such, your vehicle loses its ability to accelerate. It would be prudent to have this remedied as soon as possible before the fuel filter and the engine become extensively damaged.

Your engine has started stalling spontaneously

Your engine should never die on you while you are driving your car. When this happens, it tends to be a telltale sign of a fuel filter problem. In the beginning, it may manifest as a gradual loss of power as you drive. However, if left unchecked, it quickly escalates to the engine stalling on a consistent basis and this would make you a hazard on the roads.


21 March 2017